Temple Visit Update (Effective December 19, 2021)

Temple Visiting update!

Starting December 19, 2021:

Good News!

Starting Sunday, Dec 19 – no RSVPs for Sunday Darshan are required.

First-come, first-serve basis – you can attend the Sunday Feast program by staying in the temple for 5:30 Aarti, Class and 7 pm Aarti.

Once the socially distanced seating area is full, you will only be able to take Darshan and leave the temple hall.

Prasadam will be served in carryout containers for the time being. No RSVP is required for prasadam either.

  • Safety protocols (masks for age 5+, social distancing) will be enforced and failure to do so may require for you to leave the temple.
  • Do not offer obeisances lying on the floor.
  • No dining facility is available at the temple. Prasadam will be provided in carryout containers.
  • If you are not feeling well, please think of your and everyone’s safety and not visit the temple.

Your full cooperation is encouraged and expected so that everyone’s well-being is addressed.

Please note: You can visit the temple daily from 430 am to 1230 pm and 7 to 730 pm for Darshan.

Thank you.

Temple Management Team

Devotees that fail to follow these important guidelines (below) will be asked to leave. Your safety and well-being is as important as it is for other visitors.


  • Masks (facial covering) are to be worn when in the temple. Please bring your own mask or face covering. Without mask (face covering), you will not be allowed to enter temple room. Everyone age 5 and over is required to have a face mask (covering).
  • Social distancing is strictly maintained and enforced.
  • We ask you to not visit temple if the answer is YES to the following questions
    1. Are you experiencing cough?
    2. Are you experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing?
    3. Are you experiencing any loss of smell and taste?
    4. Are you experiencing any chills or shaking?
    5. Are you feeling feverish?
    6. Do you know (or have) someone in close contact that is Covid19 positive?
    7. Have you traveled out of state or country in last 14 days?
    8. Have you tested positive for Covid19 in last 14 days?
  • While in temple, follow social distancing rule, refrain from handshaking/hugs with other devotees.
  • Please do not offer obeisance lying on the floor to Srila Prabhupada or Our Deities. Please pay your obeisances in your mind and remain standing throughout the temple room.
  • There is a X in front of each Deity and devotees are requested to use that mark to pay standing obeisances to Deities.
  • Devotees visiting temple from 5:30 pm to 7 pm MUST seat themselves (managing social distancing) during aarti and class.
  • If the temple hall is full, one will take darshan and leave.
  • Everyone will follow instructions from the volunteers, managing the activities.
  • No assembling (gathering) is allowed in the temple or parking lot once you leave temple.

 The decision to whether attend or not visit our temple in person is strictly yours. If you are not well and have medical conditions, please do NOT visit.