History of ISKCON of Houston
  • International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) of Houston sometimes referred to as Hare Krishna Dham was incorporated in 1972 as a non-profit organization. In 1972 temple services were conducted with Deities pictures in a Montrose area home.

    In 1974 the temple was moved to a bigger facility on Rosalie Street in downtown and Sri Sri Nitai Chandra and Sri Sri Chaitanya Chandra’s deities (Gaura Nitai Deities) were installed.

    Mostly supported by book distribution funding, western devotees were participating in the temple services. In 1979 Sri Sri Nitai Chandra and Sri Sri Gaura Chandra’s (smaller Gaura Nitai deities) deities were installed. By 1980, congregation members had increased and more space was required.

    In 1984 – the current location on West 34th Street, an old church, was purchased and the temple was moved. Devotees started working on the temple renovation and after the renovation was complete in 1986, Sri Sri Radha Nila-Madhava were installed. In 1989 Sri Sri Giriraj Govardhan was installed. In 1992 Sri Sri Radha Giridhari arrived into Houston temple.

    Gauranga Hall (cultural center and gathering facility) was built in 1996. It can host 1000 members during festivals and other functions. To even better facilitate the spiritual needs of the community, and for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Nila-Madhava, temple management took up yet another ambitious project to build one of a kind temple. In 2014, Sri Sri Radha Nila-Madhava and all Deities moved to their new home.


    Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine
    Govinda’s is open every day of week and serves healthy dining options in Houston’s Garden Oaks/Heights area. Every Sunday and Wednesday is all vegan serving at the restaurant – managed by Joy Nitai Dasa and Jamuna Devi. For more information, visit GovindasHou.com.

    Gift shop
    Temple gift shop is open every day of week and carries all devotional needs, including scriptures, Deity pictures, chanting beads, and incense and devotional gift items. There are also story and coloring books for children. For more information, contact temple gift shop: HG Visakha Devi Dasi.

    Goswami Academy

    Goswami Academy is a primary school designed to serve children in grades pre-pre-K through Grade 4 (ages 3 – 8). We provide a strong foundation to nurture creative academics and spiritual values in our children. Mission at the school is to inspire excellence in creative academics through a culture of spiritual values by nurturing relationships. For more information http://www.goswamiacademy.com

    Hare Krishna Sunday School
    Sri Sri Radha Nila-Madhava Sunday school is designed primarily to insure that the children of today have an opportunity to grow up knowing the rich and glorious spiritual heritage of India. The school was started by Indian-American immigrants who, while materially prospering, felt they had not sufficiently grounded their children in this spiritual discipline.

    Classes for children ages 3–14 are held each Sunday evening. Each session includes activity classes (like Vaishnava art, dance, or mridanga-drum lessons) and philosophy classes (learning from the Bhagavad-gita and other Vedic scriptures). For more information, contact HG Pada-dhuli Devi Dasi.