Please consider helping ISKCON of Houston Community by donating every month through establishing Electronic Funds Transfer
(EFT) with your account.

All of your donations will be utilized to maintain projects.

Your contribution is tax exempt; also, you can adjust or cancel the EFT debit at any time.

Following are a few options you may choose to set an EFT for monthly donations:

  • $16.70/day = $501/month
  • $6.70/day = $201/month
  • $10/day = $301/month
  • $5.00/day = $150/month
  • $8.37/day = $251/month
  • $3.60/day = $108/month

Please fill the form below with your information. For further detail or any queries please contact,

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Once completed with your signature and details, mail to: ACCOUNTING DEPT | 1320 West 34th St., Houston, TX 77018


*To send a check*: ISKCON of Houston, 1320 West 34th St., Houston, TX 77018 – ATTN: Accounting (Make Check payable to: ISKCON of Houston)

*To donate via Zelle*: Please use email – Iskconhouston1008 at (substitute “at” with “@”)

Additional Services / Samskaras offered by Temple Priests:

Please contact Saranga Thakur Das for details

  • Marriage ceremony
  • Baby Shower ceremony
  • Ground breaking ceremony for Home or Business
  • House warming ceremony
  • Birthday Ceremony
  • Name-giving Ceremony
  • Mundana (First head shaving for children) ceremony
  • Havan (Fire Sacrifice)
  • Funeral rites ceremony
  • Shraddha (Annual memorial for departed loved ones) ceremony