COVID-19 Relief for Mayapur and Bangladesh

Urgent need for your support. Please watch these short videos and visit our donation page so that we can send the funds to our temples in Mayapur and Bangladesh. 


Hare Krishna:

ISKCON of Houston management team and key volunteers are consistently monitoring the situation related to the current global pandemic – Covid19 and related challenges, mandates from the government officials . Everyone in our community supports this most important issue. We have many devotees in our temple family, who are healthcare provider and first responders – to whom, we are very grateful and thankful.

Our temple has been closed to general visits and activities at the temple since early March. New Deity Worship procedures are in place to continue the worship of our beloved Lordships to the best standards possible under the current circumstances. All aartis, bhoga and daily worship continues.

We pray to our beloved Lordships Sri Sri Radha Nilamadhava & Their associates for the health and wellbeing of your families.

Despite state Governor’s recent executive order (March 2, 2021) to lift certain safety mandates related to Covid 19, based on the flexibility provided in the same executive order for businesses and organizations to mandate additional safety measures for their premises & based on the advice of most health care experts, the temple will continue to maintain the current safety standards to protect visitors, devotees & members and to continue our deity worship services safely.

  1. Face coverings are required at all times indoors and outdoors on temple grounds. No gatherings are allowed either indoors or outdoors on temple grounds
  2. Must follow the social distancing guidelines.
  3. If you recently traveled out of town – within the state, out of state, or out of country you are required to quarantine for at least 10 days or get a Covid RT PCR test performed at least 72 hours after return with negative result before coming to temple for visits or performing services.
  4. If you feel ill or have any symptoms or have been in contact with a Covid Positive patient please DO NOT visit the temple.
  5. If you tested positive, you must provide a negative test report before returning to the temple.
  6. Having taken the covid-19 vaccine shot does not mean that you are immune or you cannot pass the virus to others. You are still required to follow all the above guidelines.

We are grateful for your continued cooperation & service and we sincerely offer our prayers to Our Lordships to protect us through this pandemic so we can all engage in Their services at the temple to our hearts content very soon.

We remain in your service as always.

ISKCON Houston Management Team


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As you have not been able to visit the temple and associate with devotees, take darshan of Deities, here are some online resources for you and your loved ones:

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We pray to our beloved Lordships Sri Sri Radha Nilamadhava & Their associates for the health and well-being of you and your families under the present situation. It has been a while since we were able to associate with you all at our temple. Stay well and we hope to see you all soon as things become a bit more stable and the government officials provide additional guidance. As you all know, the gatherings on Sundays and festivals will have a different look and guidelines but be assured, our Deities will still be as merciful as they always have been.

Most importantly, if you or your loved ones are seeking some assistance from ISKCON of Houston (our devotee family) during these challenging times – please reach out to management team and we will be here for you and loved ones.